Spay and Neuter

spayneuter2According to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized per year in the US. That’s about one every EIGHT SECONDS. The only way to ensure your dog or cat will never add to this problem is to spay or neuter. If your pet intentionally or accidently has a litter, this contributes significantly to the overpopulation problem we face in this country (and the world). First, every home you find for one of your dog’s puppies is a home a shelter dog could have had. Second, if the puppies are not spayed/neutered in their new homes and follow the trend of your dog-even just one litter), the number of puppies can grow exponentially- and very quickly….

When it comes to pit bull type dogs specifically, the statistics are extremely disheartening. Pit bull type dogs make up the majority in the shelter system. The overpopulation of this breed is extraordinary, leaving about ONE out of every SIX HUNDRED pit bulls who will find a forever home. The rest are euthanized in shelters or passed from home to home until meeting the same fate- or a much worse one. Irresponsible ownership, backyard breeding and lack of commitment all add to this issue but spay/neuter is the one single thing can drastically reduce these numbers.

Spaying and neutering is a hugely important component to all responsible dog ownership. There are so many reasons to spay/neuter your dog, including:

    – Significantly reducing chances of certain diseases such as testicular cancer, prostate disease and mammary cancer.
    – Reducing incidences of aggression. Unaltered dogs often tend to show more signs of aggressive behavior.
    – Eliminating “roaming” which can not only lead to accidental litters, but also tragedy such as your dog getting lost, stolen or hit by a car.
    – Easily preventing accidental litters which add to the drastic overpopulation problem.

Spaying and neutering is a simple procedure with a quick recovery time (generally 7-14 days). Your dog will be back to normal before you know it and you will be promoting responsible dog ownership as well as keeping your dog and others safe and healthy. There are also many programs available now which offer low cost (and some free) spay/neuter.

Below are a couple of links if you are looking for aid with spay/neuter:

**Please also note there are many programs out there to help with the cost of vaccines as well. Keeping your dog vaccinated is not only beneficial to them, but to other dogs they may come in contact with. Please email us if you are having trouble finding low cost vaccination services.

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