Before You Adopt A Pit Bull

Below are important things to consider before adopting:

Pit bulls can be wonderful, loving family dogs but they, as with any breed, are not for everyone. It is important to research and be sure you are making the right decision for your family.

Life Span

Pit bull type dogs can live a long time. Generally about 12-14 years. It is important to be sure you can be committed for this amount of time. Re-homing a pit bull is extremely difficult due to the overpopulation of this breed.

Dog Aggression

Dog aggression can be a common trait of the pit bull breed. All of our dogs are dog tested prior to being accepted into our rescue (and most of our foster families have another dog living in the home), however, it is important to understand the potential for dog aggression to develop. Dog aggression can certainly be managed but is something that requires continuous awareness. It is also important to be sure you are able to keep your new dog separated from other animals within the home when you are not home. This is a good rule of thumb for all animals/breeds to ensure safety when you are not around to supervise..


Before adopting any animal, be sure to consider your financial situation. Vet bills can be expensive and it is important to recognize this ahead of time. It is also advisable to consider pet insurance which can be extremely helpful in case your dog ever gets sick or hurt. We are happy to offer further advice on this if needed!

The “Right” Dog

It is imperative to be sure you are adopting the “right” dog. It is easy to be drawn in by an adorable face but gender, age, energy level, etc. are considerations that will play into the long term scenario. First, if you have another dog in the home, it is necessary to choose a dog of the opposite gender. The incidence of dog aggression is heightened significantly among dogs of the same sex. Along the same lines is age. If you have a dog in the home already, choosing a dog that is at least a year and a half older or younger than your current dog can help reduce the chances of aggression developing. If both dogs are over the age of 3 years, this becomes less of an issue. Puppy vs adult is another issue adopters struggle with. Contrary to popular belief, choosing an adult dog can often be a better option for families with other animals and/or children as adult dogs have a more stable, developed temperament than that of puppies. We are able to better evaluate an adult dog, whereas a puppy will often change as they age. Please read more about this in the “FAQ” section of our website. Also, be sure to think about your lifestyle. Pit bulls can be extremely adaptable, but examining your lifestyle at the time of adoption can make for a much easier transition and happier you. If you work a lot, maybe think about a more low key dog. If you are on the go and plan to take your dog everywhere, look for an easy going, energetic dog. Our volunteers are experienced in “match making” and we are here to help you!

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